Three Time Emmy Award Winner
        and Hollywood Host

Stan Taffel was born in New York City and began his professional career performing in comedy clubs all over the east coast.

His gift for impersonations led him to his first television show, an animated series called "The Toysters", in which he supplied the voices for several  characters.

His next T V work was starring in "The News In Revue", from 1993 thru 1996 on PBS.  He portrayed well known figures from politicians to celebrities in a raucous and irreverent satire based on current  headlines.  All the presidents from Kennedy to Clinton, Yassir Arafat, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, the White House Chef, Stan played them all.

For his often unpredictable performances, he won three consecutive Emmy Awards in 1994, 1995 and 1996.

Currently he can be seen on  "New Jewish Cuisine", where he puts a new spin on Kosher cooking.  The show airs at different times on PBS stations.

Stan is sought after in Hollywood as a celebrity interviewer.  His warmth and humor coupled with his vast knowledge of film and television history make him  the perfect host.  He has earned the title of  "The Walking Encyclopedia of Film and T.V".

He is known for his smooth interviewing style,  putting Hollywood legends at ease as he recounts details of their career.

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