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                                   Jane Russell

I've interviewed Jane Russell three times.  First, after a screening of "How To Marry A Millionaire" in Santa Monica.

The next time, Jane requested that I interview her at the American Cinematheque after a screening of her foray into 3-D in "The French Line".

Recently, I did an in depth interview with Jane at the Screen Actors Guild, which was recorded for posterity.

                            Norman Lloyd

 Mr. Lloyd is remembered for his wonderful performances on television in "St. Elsewhere".  But to classic film fans, he is best known for his work with Alfred Hitchcock, Charles Chaplin and Orson Welles.  I interviewed him at a Hitchcock Tribute.

          Academy Award Nominee Piper Laurie.

Ms. Laurie is working on her autobiography and was very touched when I gave her a copy of a rare T V  appearance she made to promote "The Hustler", during a recent interview at Grauman's Egyptian Theater.

Jean Simmons, who co starred with Marlon Brando in "Guys and Dolls", is a genuine darling of a person and it was my pleasure to escort her to a banquet held in her honor in Hollywood.

Archiving film is a joy.  It's also a passion.  My personal film collection contains footage that goes back to 1894.  I have reels that once were from the personal archives of Charles Chaplin, Stan Laurel, Spanky MacFarland, Charles Laughton and Billy Gilbert. 

Of the hundreds of titles I have, I am very proud of my collection of films made by the underrated and mostly forgotten film pioneer, Charley Chase.

He had his hand in virtually every aspect of filmmaking and his work with Hal Roach Studios is the clear stand out.  His series of one and two reel comedies made for Roach from 1924 thru 1936 are cinema treasures. While not every film is a classic, most of them are.

He helped shape the careers of Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, The Our Gang Series, Leo McCarey and so many other s before and behind the cameras.  His films were a kind of training ground for future cinema legends.

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