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Three Time Emmy Award Winning Actor

The News In Revue

  For his often unpredictable performances, Stan won three consecutive Emmy Awards in 1994, 1995 and 1996.  

Celebrity impressions, cartoon characters, stand up comedy, Stan 's arsenal of material is boundless.

Stan is represented by 

Stone Manners Salners

Celebrity Interviewer

  Stan is sought after in Hollywood as a celebrity interviewer.  His warmth and humor coupled with his vast knowledge of film and television history make him  the perfect host.  He has earned the title of  "The Walking Encyclopedia of Film and T.V".  

Film / TV Archivist President CInecon Classic Film Festival

Stan has a personal archive of film prints that date back to the 1890's and cover almost every genre of motion pictures.  

He has been on the board of Cinecon for twenty years and has been its President since 2016.

Cinecon is held annually over Labor Day Weekend at the historic Grauman's Egyptian Theater.  For information on the fes tival, please visit the Facebook page, Cinecon Classic Film Festival  and go to  www.cinecon.org  to find out how to register.

Stan's Film Archive

A Living History Of Entertainment

Beginning in 1967 when his father bought him an 8mm print of "House Of Frankenstein", Stan's fascination with motion picture collecting and archiving has never wavered.  To date, he has nearly two thousand films and television programs in 16mm.  The collection is always growing and decreasing so the count is always changing.

Festival Screenings and Clip Licensing

Films from the archive have been used at many festivals all over the country.  Some of his films have been released on DVD and BluRay.  Clips for documentaries have been used from his archive.

Passion and Privilege

 "Film is meant to be shared".  This is why Stan loans out various titles in his archive to preservation institutions and studios who are seeking out films they either are looking for better materials of  or for titles they simply don't have. "Preserving and archiving film is my passion and privilege".

Stan Taffel your Hollywood Host

Here's a great video of some of the classic celebrities I've been honored to interview.

Stan Shows How Important Silent Film Music Is

The Famous Players Orchestra and I gave a short demonstration of how important music is when accompanying silent films.

Cinecon Promotional Video

Here is a promo for Cinecon made a few years ago.

Kinescope Program in Hollywood

Before videotape, Kinescopes were the earliest way of preserving live television programs.  In September 2017, I showcased some rare Kinescopes from my film archive at Cinecon.

Thirty Eight pounds ago, talking Cinecon

Herbie J Pilato caught me for a quick chat about Cinecon. If this was recorded one year later, I would have been a lot thinner but the information is important so listen and close your eyes!


In 2014, I was invited to appear at the TCA (Television Critics Association) and screen more rare television film clips; something I did the previous year.  This time I showed a rare television audition  by Dick Van Dyke in 1955.  After the screening, I was interviewed by Neal Justin of the Star Tribune.  You will find it at:  http://video.startribune.com/video-never-broadcast-dick-van-dyke-audition/241183861/     

In the meantime, here is a video interview I did in 2016 for  AV Nice.


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Stan's Celebrity Hosting reel is at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OF16B0Hb-kQ

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